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Based off arcade style shoot 'em ups, this game brings them to the modern day right on your phone. If you like classic shmups like Galaga or the 1940 series, you will love this game!
In this retro shoot 'em up, take on swarms of enemies to complete every level. But just getting through the level is not enough, try to destroy all the oncoming enemies, collect all the pickups without taking damage to truly complete the level.

NEW ENEMIES every couple of levels, and fight a powerful boss at the end

COLLECT POWERUPS to improve your ship and destroy your enemies quicker

GRAB STARS to increase your highscore

COMPLETE challenges to get an even higher score

Now introducing the Endless Mode:
How long will you survive with a constant barrage of wave after wave? As time goes on, things get harder and harder so try to get as much score as early as possible!

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